On staying positive during Coronavirus quarantine…

Tomorrow will be the start of the second week of home schooling for my kids. It’s also the second week of “working-from-home” for us. It’s a challenging situation for everyone, one which none of us have really experienced before. Going into it you have one basic choice to make; you can make it awful or you can make fun.

Most people chose to go the awful route. It’s just our nature. It seems that it is just easier for humans to lose out to stress and pressures of everyday world than it is to focus on making their lives more enjoyable. Making this social distance living fun will actually take more work but keeping the end goals in mind and letting go of the little things will make it easier.

Be like a dog – wake up, stretch, kiss your loved ones, get some food, get your tasks done, and reward yourself with an evening walk. Sneak in a nap when no one is watching.

Image source: twitter.com/dog_feelings


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