The Coronavirus Panic LEGO set is almost too realistic

lego, coronavirus

LEGO makes some amazing sets. And this realistic Coronavirus Panic LEGO set is almost too good. Almost, because it was hilariously photoshoped. Thankfully LEGO has not got to a point where they’d make a set of face-masked minifigures going crazy for toilet paper.

LEGO, as a company, is having a bit of an issue, however. Their sets have become such that kids, or adults, build them and leave them assembled. And the whole point of using blocks to build something is not to follow directions but to get creative about building. The whole premise of The LEGO Movie and its squeal, appropriately named The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part, were created just to show everyone that LEGO should be used to create original pieces. And there is even a television show now.

Those stuck at home and looking for something to watch with your young LEGO-lovers should check out LEGO Masters. It is a perfect reality television show for inspiring kids’ minds as to what they can do with LEGO on their own. Hosted by the guy who was the voice of Batman from The Lego Batman Movie, the show is filled with sarcastic remarks which adults will find it equally enjoyable. And the builds are great, too. Check it out. Perhaps it will inspire you to create a realistic Coronavirus Panic LEGO of your own.

Photo: found somewhere on twitter, contact for proper credit.

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