Boston Public Library issues blanket fort challenge!

blanket fort challenge

Boston Public Library issues blanket fort challenge! Specifically, it’s called Boston Public Library Children’s Library. It’s an honest opportunity to occupy your kids for about half an hour. Given them some blankets, pillows, perhaps you’re lucky/unlucky enough to have a fort building kit at home, and have them go crazy for a while. Tell them it’s a challenge and the winner gets a screen-time allowance.

I’d strongly suggest that you let your kid(s) build these forts on their own. Not because you want them to gain independence, learn project planning and execution, and come up with an original creation. No, none of that. This is a good time to take one of your video conference calls. But really, I recommend that you just take that time to yourself. Have a cup of coffee. Perhaps have a glass of wine. Heck, go crazy and have both, why not?

From the Children’s Library, Boston Public Library Facebook page:

CREATIVE KIDS CHALLENGE #2: Build Your Own Blanket Fort–We’ll feature them on Facebook!

Kids, grab some old blankets (or pillows or sheets or towels) and build your own blanket fort! How wide can you make it? How tall? How stable? Can you add signs or decorations?

Caregivers, take a few photos and e-mail them to Children’s Librarian Rebecca Fox ( We’ll feature the forts on this Facebook page. It’s a great way to keep your kids actively connected to the library community at this unusual time.

So there you have it, the Boston Public Library issues blanket fort challenge! have them go at it!

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