New York City, window singer gets told to “shut the f*** up!”

You’ve seen those inspirational videos from European cities where someone stricken by the Coronavirus quarantine was singing from their balcony. Few minutes later they were joined by many others in an impromptu choir. Or perhaps someone was playing piano and saxophonist neighbor joined them. Those video stories are almost endless. But in New York City things are different. New York City is a universe into itself. And in New York City a window singer doesn’t get joined by others. In New York City, a window singer gets told to “shut the f*** up!”

Be it a random car alarm, a loud argument, or a or a late night party, noise pollution of any kind is an issue to many stressed out New Yorkers. And the response is usually the same, “shut the f*** up!” That’s unlikely to happen in Kentucky or in most other places, really. Classic New York City.

Here are example of Italians in various citing singing together. It certainly brightens the mood and brings people together, even if they must remain socially distant. The dog is singing, too.

Story source: New York Post, via Alex!

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